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The GSGA conducts a statewide Junior Sectional Program for boys and girls each summer. The Junior Sectional Program is open to male and female juniors under 19 years of age. Entrants must not have turned 19 on or before the first Junior Sectional Program event and have not started college. This program consists of at least four one-day sectional tournaments held in each of seven geographical zones in the state. The zones are defined as East, West, Middle, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. Participants are divided into the following age groups: Boys 11-and-under, 12-13, 14-15, 16-18 and Girls 13-and-under and 14-18. The entry fee is $20 for each event attended and pre-registration is required. Points are awarded for the top five finishers in each age group at each tournament. Trophies are also awarded at each sectional tournament. At the conclusion of the sectional tournaments, a 20-player team from each section will be selected to participate in the statewide Junior Sectional Challenge Match.

Junior Sectional Challenge MatchWest Section
Junior Sectional Challenge Match event history
In late July, the GSGA conducts the Junior Sectional Challenge Match. Qualifying for the Challenge Match is based on performance in the Junior Sectional Program. The four players in each boys agegroup and the two players in each girls age group with the highest point totals from each zone will comprise the teams (20 players per zone) x (7 zones) = (140 total players in the Challenge match). The Challenge Match is a two-day event and the site is on a yearly rotation among the seven sections.

Georgia Junior & Girls' ChampionshipsCharles Huntzinger, Duluth
Georgia Junior Championship event history
Georgia Girls' Championship event history
Each year, the GSGA conducts the Georgia Junior and Girls' Championships. Separate concurrent championships are held for boys and girls in June. The Junior Championship is for boys ages 14-17 and features a 36-hole cut. The Girls' Championship features a field of 144 players ages 9-18 with the lowest USGA Handicap Indexes, with a maximum index of 24.4. 

Georgia-South Carolina Junior and Girls' Challenge Matches
Team Georgia
Georgia-South Carolina Junior Challenge Match event history
Since 1976, the GSGA and the South Carolina Golf Association meet each summer to compete in the Georgia-South Carolina Junior Challenge Match. This two-day match play competition is held alternately in Georgia and South Carolina. The top eight finishers from the Junior Championship are named to the Georgia Team. This event is believed to be the first interstate competition for juniors offered in the United States and can list several collegiate and PGA TOUR stars among its former participants.

Team GeorgiaGeorgia-South Carolina Girls' Challenge Match event history
The Georgia-South Carolina Girls' Junior Challenge Match began in 2006 as a partnership of the GSGA and Women's South Carolina Golf Association. The top four finishers from the Georgia Girls' Championship qualify to represent the state at this annual match-play competition. The event alternates between sites in Georgia and South Carolina.

U.S. Junior and Girls' Junior Amateur Qualifying
The GSGA annually conducts qualifying rounds for the Unites States Golf Association's Junior and Girls' Junior Amateur Championships. To receive an entry form for the current year's championships, please contact the USGA at (800) 222-8742 or visit the website link above.

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