Form Your Own Club

If you are part of a group of golfers who enjoy playing together, you can start your own club and take advantage of valuable GSGA benefits.

4 Easy Steps!

STEP 1 - Fill Out the Form Below - Get the process started by providing us 
with your club information. Fill out the application below!

STEP 2 – Get Handicap Certified - A representative of your club must complete the 
handicap certification process as established by the USGA. Click here to begin!
Authorized Golf Association = Georgia | Club Status = Member Club of Golf Association

STEP 3 – Complete Compliance Checklist - To be an official GSGA club, you must 
comply with the checklist below which includes having at least 10 golfers. 

STEP 4  Bylaws - You may choose to accept the sample GSGA set of bylaws or you 
can create your own. See sample bylaws below.   

Responsibilites of a GSGA Member Club
A GSGA golf club must agree to abide by all policies and procedures of the USGA Handicap System, including the club compliance checklist.

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