Membership Renewal FAQs

We want you back!

Did you recently receive this postcard or e-mail? Not sure why? Please read below for answers to frequently-asked questions regarding GSGA membership renewal. 

Q: Can I renew online?
A: It depends. Almost 100 GSGA Member Clubs allow online renewals. Click here to see if your home club is on this list, and if so, you may renew online. Otherwise, you need to talk to a person in the pro shop at your home club to renew.

Q: Why did I receive a 'Time To Renew' email or 'We Want You Back' postcard?
A: GSGA membership is based on the calendar year. At the end of December, many clubs clean up their handicap rosters for administrative reasons. If you did not renew your GSGA membership by the end of December, it is possible your home club deleted your name from its handicap list.

Q: I've already renewed my membership for the current year. Why did I receive an email or postcard?
A: If you renewed your membership after March 1, please disregard the notice. If you renewed prior to March 1 and still received a renewal message, click here to email the GSGA and we will resolve the issue. If you have moved out of the state and want to discontinue your membership, click here to let us know to update our records.

Q: After I renew my membership, when will my handicap be updated?
A: After you renew your membership, your handicap will be updated on the next revision. Handicaps are updated on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Q: Why should I renew my membership?
A: Click here to see membership benefits.
For more information or questions regarding GSGA membership, please contact the Member Services department at 678-324-5973 or e-mail